Our new series on value creation

Our new series on value creation

We’ve launched a new area on our website focusing on value creation in all its forms, highlighting why it is so central to the work that we and our portfolio companies do.

Value creation – growing your business through strategy, action and data – is underpinned by 10 principles, which we call Value Levers. Over the coming months we are going to be sharing in-depth articles on each of these Value Levers and demonstrate how they can be used by businesses to scale up over time.

Our initial set of Value Levers articles cover:

  • People
  • Technology
  • Commercial Effectiveness
  • Operational Effectiveness

Through interviews with experts in each of these fields, alongside case studies drawn from our own portfolio, the articles give an insight into how businesses can use often overlooked tools to drive growth.

Businesses can use these Value Levers to understand how digital transformation can revolutionise productivity, why you should empower people at all levels to become leaders, how to build your business through commercial effectiveness, and the different ways investment in operations can drive profitability.

This new resource follows the rebrand we’ve recently completed which aims to reflect our own evolution at NorthEdge – to think beyond the capital and build better businesses.

We’ll be adding to the articles over time and supplementing these with our additional ‘Ask the Expert’ interviews here on the website, which offer new perspectives on growth and scalability from insightful people across our network.

You can read more about our approach to value creation and learn about our Value Levers here: https://northedge.com/value-levers/

For more information, please contact our press office at BIG Partnership - chris.olley@bigpartnership.co.uk, 07849 088730