The NorthEdge ‘March march’

The NorthEdge ‘March march’

In June 2020 our Managing Partner Ray Stenton was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré (pronounced ghee-yan bar-ray) syndrome, which is a very rare and serious neurological condition that affects the nervous system. It mainly affects the feet, hands and limbs, causing problems such as numbness, weakness, pain and paralysis. Ray spent 172 days in hospital, was paralysed from the neck down, spent time in intensive care and required the use of a wheelchair on his return home.

Since his discharge from hospital Ray has been focussing on his recovery and sets personal goals each week and month with his goal for February to walk one mile unaided. So, in support of Ray, and to show our appreciation to the team that got Ray back on his feet, Team NorthEdge are going to be taking part in a special and personal event throughout March – running, walking or cycling as many miles as possible to meet our own personal goals alongside Ray (taking part individually and in line with current Covid-19 guidelines). It is also a way of us getting the NorthEdge team out of the house and away from their desks, keeping the team focussed on mental and physical fitness at a time when they need it the most.

We will be raising money for the Trafford General Hospital Intermediate Neurological Rehab Unit, helping them continue to support patients with vital rehabilitation services. The Trafford General was the first ever NHS Hospital. Built in 1928 and named Park Hospital, it was renamed in 1948 and was the first hospital in the world to offer free healthcare to all.

We would really appreciate your support towards this amazing cause, so please join us in showing your appreciation by donating via our JustGiving page – click here.

Update 5 March 2021 – so far team NorthEdge has travelled 425 miles!

Update 12 March 2021 – we’re now at 1010 miles!

Update 22 March 2021 – with a week and a half to go we have broken the 2000 mile mark!

Update 1 April – we have smashed the 3,000 mile total we set ourselves with 3,116 miles – which is over 1,771 walked, 573 run and 772 miles cycled. Ray contributed 50 miles to our total, and in doing so achieved his personal goal!

A great team effort and we now turn our attention to reaching the £25,000 fundraising goal. Thank you to everyone who has supported us – your donations and kind words are much appreciated.

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