Getting to know NorthEdge Partner Andy Ball

Getting to know NorthEdge Partner Andy Ball

In our latest episode of Beyond the Capital we spoke to Andy Ball, Partner at NorthEdge.

With a view of going to university to become an engineer, Andy joined the Rolls Royce apprenticeship scheme and completed his degree at Leeds University with the help of the National Engineering Scholarship.

Following his degree, Andy had the option of going back to Rolls Royce but instead decided to do a PHD with Ford Cars in the engineering sphere. Once completing his PHD, Andy looked at the career routes available to him within Ford and realised that people with a business background tended to advance quicker.

As a result, Andy decided to join PwC with a view of doing three years to gain more business exposure before re-joining Ford. Once Andy qualified with PwC, he didn’t have to think long about going back to Ford, as he was given the opportunity to go to the United States for two years with PwC. Upon returning to the UK, Andy joined PwC’s new corporate finance team in Leeds where he first met Grant Berry.

After a couple of years of working with one another, they were both approached by LDC. After a few years Andy had moved into a senior role with LDC, but he wasn’t content with stopping there. With a desire to run their own private equity firm, Andy alongside Grant, Michael Joseph and Ray Stenton, co-founded NorthEdge in 2009 and raised the first fund in 2012.

In this insightful conversation, Andy outlines why he is so passionate about private equity, why he is proud that the people at NorthEdge live by the company’s values, and why it’s important for business leaders to choose a private equity firm based on relationship and the value you will get from the partnership.

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