ESG Report 2021

ESG Report 2021

We are pleased to release our second annual ESG report, looking back at the highlights from 2021 across our business and portfolio, and setting out our commitments for the year ahead.

Throughout the last year we have had many highlights and achievements including;

  • Remaining carbon neutral for a third successive year, this year adding Scope 3 operational emissions to our calculation
  • Prioritising positive mental health in the workplace across our own business, our portfolio and the wider industry
  • Releasing our digital community platform Nexus, to share insights and best practice within our portfolio
  • Recognition in the ‘ESG Transparency Index‘ as an example of ESG best practice within the private equity industry

Our second annual report aims to provide transparency for all our stakeholders and highlight our continued commitment to supporting our people, our portfolio and our planet.

Ray Stenton, Managing Partner at NorthEdge, said: “Last year we published our first ESG report to highlight the progress we’ve made in this important space, as well as illustrating the various initiatives we have implemented across our business and portfolio. I’m pleased to announce that once more, we have continued to take significant strides to improve our ESG performance across the last twelve months.

We’ve had a fantastic year of progress, using the foundations we have put in place over the last ten years as a platform to make further progress and share best practice with our network, our peers and across our portfolio.”

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