Getting to know CTS CEO Tom Ray

Getting to know CTS CEO Tom Ray

In our latest episode of Beyond the Capital we spoke to Tom Ray, CEO of portfolio company Cloud Technology Solutions.

Unsure of what he really wanted to do after studying maths and economics at university, Tom joined a Scottish logistics and shipping company to get a good business grounding. By rotating through several different placements within the business Tom ended up developing an interest in technology and became a Systems Engineer – it was there that he honed both his technical and leadership skills.

He later moved to an oil and gas business as Head of IT and experienced the highs from the oil boom, followed by the lows caused by the financial crisis in 2008. These experiences led him to cloud computing, which in turn led him to Cloudreach.

Tom met the founder of Cloudreach, at that time a start up with the promise of delivering the benefits of cloud to their customers, whilst he was a customer. He was soon persuaded to join the business, and after 10 years of building the business and growing talented teams, Cloudreach was acquired by Blackstone, one of the world’s largest private equity firms. Following this experience Tom joined NorthEdge portfolio company, Cloud Technology Solutions, initially as CTS Services MD and now as CTS Group CEO.

In this episode Tom explains why finding and following your passion is the best career advice, why he was proud to step into the role of CEO at CTS and his vision for the future, the importance of bringing diverse talent into a business, and his view on the vital role private equity plays in supporting high growth regional businesses.

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