Updates to the NorthEdge Nexus platform

Updates to the NorthEdge Nexus platform

At NorthEdge, we are committed to promoting a culture of community, learning and collaboration, which is why we launched our online community platform, Nexus, earlier this year.

Exclusively designed and developed as a tool for our portfolio teams, Nexus allows users to learn from one another, network and communicate, and access our network of partners.

Leaders in our portfolio can connect in real-time with their peers, access information about our operating partners and keep up to date with the latest news and insights from across NorthEdge’s network.

So far, we’ve got over 50 users from across our portfolio on the platform, and we’re planning to add even more over the coming months so that people from all areas of our businesses can connect, collaborate and learn.

Recently we’ve updated the app, to provide a better user experience and add additional functionality into the platform:

  • Nexus ‘Light’ – a trial version of the app for teams outside our portfolio when they are getting to know what it’s like to partner with us. This provides them with a sense of how the platform works and showcases the power of the NorthEdge portfolio
  • Forum functionality – full support for our upcoming in-person portfolio forums, including allowing users to access speaker profiles, attendee information, event reading materials and videos, as well as the ability to ask the speakers questions live
  • Surveys – the ability to conduct and facilitate pulse surveys with our portfolio directly through the app, making it easier than ever to communicate with us
  • App store updates – users will now be prompted to update their app whenever we release any new features to ensure everyone is able to make full use of the functionality

We are committed to continuing to develop the Nexus platform to make it as easy as possible for our portfolio teams to access the collective experiences we have – so we can continue building better businesses, together.

To find out more, click here.

For our portfolio teams the latest version of the app is now available to download via the Apple and Google Play stores.

For more information, please contact our press office at BIG Partnership - chris.olley@bigpartnership.co.uk, 07849 088730