Nexus (n) an important connection between the parts of a system or a group of things.

Our portfolio is the Nexus of NorthEdge, which is why we have created a secure online community platform exclusively for NorthEdge portfolio company employees.

Whilst all of our portfolio businesses are unique, in our experience the challenges of growing a business are very similar.

Nexus allows members of our portfolio companies to connect real-time with their peers, access our operating partner network – trusted and recommended suppliers, and keep up to date with the latest NorthEdge news and insight from our network, centred around each of our Value Levers.

Creating a digital community allows us to stay connected, whatever happens (even a global pandemic), however we will also use the platform to support cross-portfolio collaboration at our events and forums.

Together, we are stronger.

At NorthEdge, we are committed to promoting a culture of community, learning and collaboration – and who better to do that with than your peers.

From CEOs and CFOs to Marketing, Operations and People we believe that together we are stronger. We have unique access to an amazing group of business leaders, across many different functions, who can share best practice, connect to generate ideas and support each other when advice is needed.