My Internship with NorthEdge: Juliana Kusiima

My Internship with NorthEdge: Juliana Kusiima

Private equity. Prior to starting university, I did not know what it was. During university, I was introduced to it by fellow students, who like me, managed to understand it on a basic level but did not fully grasp how it worked or what it entailed.

Because of my career aspirations to work in the financial sector, I have always been willing to take part in internships to get an idea of what role I could take on in the sector. This is how I found myself submitting an application to the 10,000blackinterns program, whereby I was allocated to NorthEdge as one of the four companies to progress with my application.

Prior to the application process, I did not know NorthEdge or what it did. During the application process, I was introduced to it, and I was impressed by the company and its values which resonated with me.

I distinctly remember asking Lucie and James whether I would be at a disadvantage when compared to other applicants as I was the first-year student, who despite my interest in private equity, did not know much about it. I was pleased to be informed that this was not true as the internship was a learning opportunity to get an insight into NorthEdge and private equity.

This has been the foundation of my six weeks interning with NorthEdge. The wealth of knowledge I have gained about NorthEdge, and private equity still surprises me. My notebook is filled to the brim with notes I have taken during the internship. Additionally, I have enjoyed working on projects such as a deal origination project, a competitor analysis project etc. While completing these projects, I have been able to improve my industry knowledge, as well as from discussions during meetings, and conversations with other colleagues. Improving my interpersonal skills has also been complementary to this.

The culture at NorthEdge has been my favourite part about my internship. Every person I have met has been welcoming and all the interactions I had made these six weeks have been treasurable to me. The culture also encourages a learning environment whereby I have learnt something new everyday and have been able to ask any questions I had without any hesitance. Additionally, I am honoured to have been able to take part in the carbon literacy training NorthEdge offered and achieved a carbon literate certificate.

Now that my internship has come to an end, I have reflected on the whole experience and how it has impacted my future aspirations. I now have an idea of where I fit in the financial sector, and I could not have done that without this internship. Private equity is now a sector I want to work in after I have finished university and gained some deal experience. NorthEdge has definitely shaped the framework of an ideal company I would like to work for. This is because NorthEdge is culture-focused and people-driven which has made it the basis of my idea of ‘the best company to work for’.

Private Equity – a sector I aspire to work in. NorthEdge – a company I aspire to work for.

Juliana Kusiima

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