Introducing Nexus – a new online community platform for the NorthEdge portfolio

Introducing Nexus – a new online community platform for the NorthEdge portfolio

Having a portfolio that collaborates, shares learnings and best practice, and keeps connected has always been a core focus for us as we work towards building better businesses together.

That is why we are pleased to launch our exclusively developed online community platform, Nexus – a tool our portfolio teams can use to learn from one another, network and communicate, and access our network of partners.

Nexus will allow leaders in our portfolio to connect in real-time with their peers, access information about our operating partners and keep up to date with the latest news and insights from across NorthEdge’s network.

The platform will also host easy-to-access information and insight produced by industry experts on topics such as building a strategic pricing strategy, how to use technology to grow your business and how to create people plans that empower and engage teams.

The platform, named after the important connection between the parts of a system or a group of things, is available to download via the Apple and Google Play stores. It allows our portfolio companies to discuss their shared experiences, learnings, and the business challenges they have overcome – encouraging networking and cross-portfolio collaboration.

Lucie Mills, Head of Business Transformation at NorthEdge said: “One of the key benefits of being part of the NorthEdge portfolio is the knowledge sharing that our businesses support each other with every day, and the access our portfolio has to our wider network for further support, capacity and idea generation. Building a dedicated platform has allowed us to combine all of these benefits into one, easy-to-use app.

“We have a really diverse portfolio of companies operating in a wide range of sectors. While every business is unique, the challenges of building a business are often very similar. We want to help leverage the combined experiences we have across the portfolio – to learn from them and ultimately build better businesses together.”

The platform is available exclusively to NorthEdge’s portfolio and will be regularly updated with new content, users from across the portfolio and our growing network of experts.

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