International Women’s Day: Choose to Challenge

International Women’s Day: Choose to Challenge

Today marks International Women’s Day. The theme for this year is “Choose to Challenge” – challenging bias, old habits and the status quo.

The reality is we need to choose to challenge ourselves every day, not just today. We recognise that we have a collective responsibility to continually demonstrate leadership and use our voices to help build more inclusive, diverse and sustainable businesses and communities.

NorthEdge has been proud to participate in International Women’s Day events over the last few years. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 we are not able to bring everyone together today as we would have liked, but we didn’t want the day to go by unnoticed.

Therefore, we are taking the opportunity to (virtually) celebrate the female leaders in our portfolio, those who have shattered social and unconscious bias, and challenged themselves and others to reach their goals.

We asked a few of the women in leadership across our portfolio to explain what choosing to challenge has meant to them – where they’ve done it for themselves, where they’ve done it for others and who has been their biggest ally along the way.

The moral case for diversity and inclusion is incredibly important and compelling, the business case is also stronger than ever – companies in the top quartile for both gender and ethnic diversity are 12 percent more likely to outperform all other companies according to McKinsey’s latest report. (McKinsey, Diversity wins: How inclusion matters) This is supported by research from the Boston Consulting Group that states that diverse teams produce 19% more revenue because they are more in tune with their customer’s needs.

We are focussed on continuing to improve diversity and inclusion in our business through a number of ongoing initiatives, it is also a key area of focus for our portfolio management teams. We have more than 6,000 employees across our portfolio, therefore we recognise our responsibility as investors to work with our portfolio teams on these important matters – encouraging sharing of best practice, building a network of specialists, and creating a way of connecting to share ideas.

To find out more about our commitment to building better businesses, that are both sustainable and diverse, click here.

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