We take our responsibilities seriously – as both employers and investors. We work to build better businesses, that are both sustainable and diverse.

We understand that diversity is a catalyst for faster growth, productivity and innovation – companies in the top quartile for both gender and ethnic diversity are 12 percent more likely to outperform all other companies according to McKinsey’s latest report.

Our evidence is that an emphasis on representation is not enough; employees need to feel and perceive equality and fairness of opportunity in their workplace. Companies that lead on diversity have taken bold steps to strengthen inclusion.

McKinsey, Diversity wins: How inclusion matters

At NorthEdge we...

Proactively seek to engage with a diverse range of talent – for new recruits in our business, our portfolio and our partners

Encourage active listening and personal development

Cultivate cultures of trust, support & encouragement

Welcome diverse thinking to challenge the status quo and drive innovation

Celebrate difference and provide equal opportunities irrespective of ethnicity, gender, disability or background

Commit to keep learning, adapting and leading the way for diversity and inclusion

Will continue to use our influence to drive positive change across our business, portfolio, industry and network

We also have a working group committed to championing diversity and inclusion throughout the NorthEdge family. This has led to a number of positive steps towards us being a more diverse and inclusive business, including developing partnerships with universities in Manchester and Leeds, rolling out high-quality personal leadership training, at all levels across NorthEdge and our portfolio, and regular speaking engagements within our market so we can be part of the critical change in our industry.

We're proud of the progress we're making, and while we know our journey is far from complete it is one we are wholeheartedly committed to. To find out more read our latest annual ESG, Sustainability & D&I report 'Taking Responsibility'.

Taking Responsibility: ESG, Sustainability & D&I Report 2020