Getting to know NorthEdge CFO Charlie Page

Getting to know NorthEdge CFO Charlie Page

In our latest episode of Beyond the Capital we spoke to Charlie Page, CFO at NorthEdge. After studying Law at Liverpool University, Charlie graduated in 2009 during the depths of the financial crisis. His first plan was to become a solicitor, but after learning that many law firms had cancelled their graduate programmes due to the crisis, he began to explore other career avenues.

His research led him onto the Big Four accounting firms, and saw him join Deloitte in their Audit Department. Charlie enjoyed four years at Deloitte, becoming a chartered accountant in the process, however with a desire to take his career into industry, he joined MoneySuperMarket. Working in their Group Finance Team, Charlie got a good feel for what life was like on the other side, but with aspirations to continually progress and maximise his own potential, Charlie began looking for a Financial Controller role to expand his levels of responsibility.

With the idea of combining his degree with his new career as an accountant, Charlie joined BLM law firm (now Clyde & Co). After a few years of working there he realised that law wasn’t the right industry for him, but luckily as an accountant he had plenty of other options and industries to choose from.

One of those industries was Private Equity, where he first came across NorthEdge. Despite having no prior experience of the industry, Charlie was impressed following conversations with the Partners and felt it was the perfect place to challenge himself in a fast-paced environment. Five years after joining NorthEdge as a Financial Controller in 2017, Charlie was promoted into the role of CFO in 2022.

In this episode of Beyond the Capital, Charlie explains how a collaborative and supportive environment at NorthEdge has helped him to progress into the CFO role, why Private Equity is more than just a focus on numbers, and how sports stars have served as his inspiration to always learn and improve.

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