Getting to know Grant Berry

Getting to know Grant Berry

In our second episode of Beyond the Capital, we had an insightful conversation with Grant Berry, Managing Partner and co-founder of NorthEdge.

After graduating university and spending a year working in the US, Grant joined Price Waterhouse in London with a keen interest in pursuing a career in business. Moving to the Price Waterhouse Leeds office in 1994, Grant was introduced to the world of private equity where he took the opportunity to work with several firms. Feeling inspired, Grant knew that the private equity space was where he could make a difference. Grant then moved to private equity firm LDC, and within a few years was responsible for running 11 offices across five regions. Not content with stopping there, and with a burning desire to run his own business, Grant took the leap and co-founded NorthEdge alongside Andy Ball, Michael Joseph and Ray Stenton.

From taking early inspiration from his Dad’s entrepreneurial spirit, outlining the role that private equity plays in building better businesses, discussing the progress that NorthEdge has made on Diversity & Inclusion, and why maintaining a sense of humour has been important throughout his career, this conversation with Grant is packed full of invaluable reflections, lessons and advice.

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