Beyond the Capital – The NorthEdge Podcast

Beyond the Capital – The NorthEdge Podcast

We’re excited to be launching our own podcast series Beyond the Capital.

Beyond the Capital will see us lift the lid on private equity, offering honest conversations with partners, inspiring CEOs and experts across our industry. Join us as we hear their stories, discuss hot topics and learn about what’s given them the edge to succeed.

In recognition of World Mental Health Day on 10th October our first podcast is with George Bettany, co-founder of Sanctus, to talk about mental health at work.

Mental health concerns are growing every year and we, as responsible private equity investors, have an important role to play in ensuring best practice is shared, adopted and prioritised when it comes to company culture and wellbeing.

Recent research has found that a quarter of the UK population has some form of mental health issue. For a portfolio of our size at NorthEdge, which collectively employs around 6,900 people, there will be over 1,700 team members that are being impacted by mental health concerns. Across the private equity industry, which employs 972,000 people according to the BVCA, over 240,000 members of people face this challenge. In addition it’s estimated that poor employee mental health costs UK businesses between £42bn and £45bn each year, according to a study by Deloitte.

These are statistics that can’t be ignored and it’s why we’re increasingly sharing learnings and best practice with our portfolio – ensuring that we prioritise and normalise the conversation on mental wellbeing and mental fitness across our network.

Our guests Sanctus work with businesses to create a safe space for talking about and normalising mental health in the workplace. Their mission is to create a world where mental health is viewed in the same was as a physical health and they have an ambition to put mental health gyms on the high street.

In this episode we discuss the practical ways to pro-actively work on our own mental health and support those around us.

You can listen to Episode 1 of Beyond the Capital here:

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