Ask the Expert: building a marketing strategy that delivers growth

Ask the Expert: building a marketing strategy that delivers growth

BIG Partnership is a national creative communications agency with more than 90 consultants across its four offices. The agency functions as a full-service marketing consultancy with services including PR, social media, digital marketing, creative strategy and design. 

We spoke with director Bryan Garvie about marketing strategies and why management teams need to create strong links between their growth objectives and their marketing activity to achieve sustainable success.

Where do most businesses struggle in using marketing to drive company growth?

“The issue we see most often is that marketing activity isn’t explicitly linked to business objectives. Very early in any relationship we work to find out as much as we can about the internal commercial drivers and build a plan from there. One of my favourite marketing-related quotes is from David Ogilvy: “It’s not creative if it doesn’t sell.” Agencies and marketers are usually naturally creative, inquisitive people, but they have to be driven by the objectives of the business.

“The other key pitfall is that most businesses don’t actually think about how they will measure the success of marketing before starting it. If activity isn’t linked to objectives and can’t be measured it would be pretty miraculous for it to suddenly start to drive sustainable growth for your business.”

Why is measurement and data insight so important?

“Businesses have never been more equipped to measure so much of what they do, but you’d be amazed by how many don’t know how marketing contributes to their bottom line. Budgets are under pressure everywhere, however if you understand where marketing drives growth – and where it doesn’t – you can optimise spend accordingly.

“Where this has worked well for our clients is where we can tie up campaign data across multiple channels with internal metrics, such as lead conversion, inbound enquiries and website traffic, to give a robust picture of impact – then use insights from that data to tailor and refine activity.”

How can businesses build this strategic marketing approach?

“Start with the business objectives and keep them top of mind for everything related to marketing. You can’t emphasise that enough. Typically, in marketing everyone has an opinion, and this can invite a lot of bias and subjectivity into campaigns. If you have a trusted and experienced marketing person internally, leave them to get on with it and measure the impact.

“If you’ve never seriously invested in marketing, it’s worth committing some time and budget to workshopping the early stages. Brand workshops where you define your marketing proposition, your brand tone of voice, how you’ll differentiate yourself in the market and your key messages are critical for success.

“One thing that businesses should recognise when building these strategies is that marketing can no longer just be about getting your name out there. Consumers and B2B audiences alike buy into brands that understand their needs, regularly engage with them, and provide value in the process. If your marketing strategy doesn’t do this, it won’t do much to support your long-term business growth.”

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